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  Dongkeng Plainvim International Industrial Park is a modern industrial park which is built cooperational by Hong Kong Plainvim International Co. Ltd and local government, with an area of 1.05 million square meters. Now we have built 6 standard workshops and 6 blocks of Built-to-suit. We also have big area of industrial lands which have done the basic facility constructions.

  Industrial Park is planned to build by three phases, 6 blocks of Built-to-suit (now one block of 7000 square meter workshop is for renting)and 6 standard workshops in phase 1 are built and rented completedly. Standard workshops in phase 2 is designed, and we prepare to do the approval procedures.

  Dongkeng Plainvim Industrial Park introduced major industries including high-precision electronics, plastic injection, tooling, machinery, precision instruments, and mobile auto parts industries . At present, Industrial Park has attracted 17 different nationalities enterprises to invest and build factory including Japanese, American, HK, Korean, German, etc.

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Standard Manufacturing Plant

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Multi-tenant Industrial Building


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