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  The park implements unified planning, unified management, has convenient transportation and logistics. The park has advanced matching facilities: canteen, dormitory, stadium, library, office building, multi-function hall, conference room and so on. The service center is suitable for the demand of international enterprises, with the highest service goal as realizing the international and regional integration.

  (1)service center, dining and dormitory Services

  24-hour security service



(2)Cultural and recreational facilities

  Operation, repair and management of entertainment, sport, medical treatment facilities



(3)Production and service facilities:

  Power Supply System Service


Distribute capacity of 400KVA to each plant; the tenant need

Device include

High suppression of cabinets, transformers, low voltage systemcounters (purchased by the tenant)

Industrial electricity :1) Peak period

2)Normal period
3)Valley period
Meter location
The center electrical room in the industrial park
Living electricity consumption
Meter location in the dorm
Each floor in the dorm

Street lamp or other public electricity

Provided free of charge by Industrial Park

  Water Supply System Service

Water tank: an independent owner / joint use

joint use

Water tanks (water volume)

the volume of each tank is 18m3; supply water volume is 1200 tons daily

Sewage and septic system installation is completed

can be put into use( according to sewage emission standards in Guangdong Province, )

Fire water supply system equipment installation is completed

design according to the Fire safety standard of indoor plants; if the tenant has the special requirements with craft production , needs to increase fire facilities, which shall be responsibility by the tenant )

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