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 Dongkeng Town develop the economy Vigorously, at the same time, it strengths infrastructure, city environment and the social construction of facilities, and builds a lead in all directions of traffic network and modern communication, electronic network, to create the foundation for a livable environment and entrepreneurship. So far, the town’s water supply capacity is 200000 cubic meters, the daily power supply volume is close to 1500000 kilowatts. It has two 11 kV substation, one 22 kV substation, perfect program controlled telecommunication networks and bidirectional wired digital television network covers every corner of the town, opens all day Internet, modern information superhighways are in all directions.

  Over the past year, Dongkeng Town has invested 450 million yuan to promote the construction of 15 key projects, used the annual 30-50 million yuan for rural construction special funds, strengthed rural infrastructure construction, has completed a number of key projects :Shenshan Station ,Eagle Ridge Park, fire safety building, inland hard ground engineering, security building, victory international hotel as well as the royal residence and so on. Now pays close attention to public works construction: the new hospital building, Community Center, Art Center, the new Donkeng Middle School and so on. In recent years, the town has built or converted 11 all kinds of park, 6 leisure square, 18 basketball players, added new green areas of 3 square kilometers and planted 150000 arbor trees. In addition, it also opened 45 buses, 55 taxies to solute the problem of mass travel comprehensively. As the "shanjiu" reform and rural construction smoothly, the living environment in rural areas and the rural development has been further improved.

  So far, Dongkeng Town’s social order is stable, the city’s order is good, harmonious, efficient administrative affairs services are quite perfect, the town of education, medical, insurance and other ancillary adequacy, livable entrepreneurship, sustainable advantage is highlighted.


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